Special permits

If a transport exceeds the rules of length, width, height and/or weight, a permit for abnormal loads in the transit country as well as in the recipient country is required. FDE can assist in obtaining permits for the various countries.

FDE applies for the permits for abnormal loads so that you can carry out the transport.

The rules vary from country to country. Dimensions, which are allowed in one country, may exceed dimensions allowed in another country. In some countries, the rules vary from region to region. The period of validity of the permits for abnormal loads may also vary from country to country.

Normally, the applications must be made in the language of the country, where the permit is needed. It varies from country to country to whom the application must be sent. Some permits require that the transport is followed by one or multiple escort cars.

Our teams are always fully updated on rules and regulations so that you  do not have to worry about this. 

Sunday permits for Germany
Trucks above 7.5 t have a driving ban in Germany on Sundays and public holidays from 00:00-22:00. Under certain circumstances, a permit can be issued according to StVO 30.

We can apply for a permit on your behalf, if you no later than Friday at 09:00 give us the necessary information e.g. registration number, border crossings, place of delivery and type of goods. Your permit will then be ready at 12:00 the same Friday.

You will get:
  • Expert handling of your applications  so that you can smoothly carry out your transports
  • Give you a fast and efficient support
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