VAT Registration - We take care of the formalitites

VAT Registration

A company has to be VAT registered in the countries where they do VAT liable activities.

What are VAT liable activities?
• Sale to private customers in another EU-country than the home country
• Import to another EU-country than the home country, whereafter the products are sold or exported to another EU-country or third countries
• Commercial work in another EU-country
• When a commercial coach passes through specific EU-countries, payment of VAT of the driving is applicable

For companies, FDE can ensure that you will be VAT registered in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France and Austria.
For commercial coaches, FDE can ensure the registrations in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

We have many years of experience in VAT Registration of coaches and international companies. Our experience and extensive knowledge ensures an efficient VAT process, compliance of deadlines, professional and lawful management of documents. FDE handles all paperwork regarding VAT Registration in the mentioned countries, which will save you a lot of administrative work.

Advantages of VAT Registration with FDE:

• FDE handles the contact with the authorities and all the paper work
• Punctual submission of VAT accounts to the foreign authorities, so you will avoid fines
• Preparation of transparent documentation of input and output VAT
• We calculate your VAT based on your mileage accounts or through our app TripVAT
• Preparation of VAT recapitulative statements regarding sales of goods and reporting to Intrastat
• Reporting of excise duties
• Our VAT specialists will keep you up-to-date on VAT regulations in the above mentioned countries
• Punctual payment of VAT (provided that FDE receive the payment in time)

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