TripVAT app - Making VAT Registration easy

TripVAT app

FDE is the first company in the market introducing an app for registration of tourist transport in Europe

TripVAT automatically registers the distances in each country by using the GPS in the driver’s smartphone.

This ensures correct data, and the driver can concentrate on his driving and his passengers.

The TripVAT app is a timesaving app, as it is no longer necessary to complete the haulage accounts manually. Furthermore, the fees will be lower.


This is how it works

TripVAT can be downloaded from App Stores, and you can contact FDE regarding the settings.

Before the trip begins, the driver enters a few data and starts the GPS. Then he is ready to go. When he reaches his end destination, he deactivates the GPS, checks the collected data and sends the data to FDE via the app. FDE will then calculate the VAT, which must be paid in each country.

This is an easy and cheap way to report the VAT for tourist transport abroad.

Download TripVAT here:


Important information

In some EU countries it is compulsory to pay VAT on transport of passengers with tourist coaches.

VAT must be paid of that part of the trip, which takes place in the country in question. If you have expenses for diesel oil etc., the VAT can in some countries be set off against the VAT that must be paid.

NOTE: If you are registered for VAT as a haulage company and coach operator in your home country, you must be registered for VAT in the countries you drive to or through, also even though you only drive one or a few trips with passengers.

If a coach operator is not registered for VAT in the country where he is making tourist transport, and the authorities make a control, a fine will be issued.

We offer VAT registration for coach operators in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Belgium.

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