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About FDE


FDE is a company committed to provide services to our partners and customers. We were established because our customers and partners requested services with beneficial solutions within VAT Refund and payment solutions for motorways, tunnels, bridges and ferries. We deliver this with instant liquidity improvement giving administrative advantages so the customer can focus on his business.

FDE is owned by the association ITD, and FDE is today Europe’s largest VAT agency with more than 23,380 customers.


In details:

Since 1981, the FDE Group has specialized in developing targeted service solutions primarily to the transportation industry. We offer various service solutions giving economical and administrative advantages to our customers.

Through many years of cooperation with both national and international companies, as well as trade associations, the service provider FDE has built up a customer portfolio of more than 23,380 companies in 43 countries. FDE has 110 employees, and the main activity is VAT Refund.

During many years, we have built up a strong relationship with authorities in many European countries and can therefore guarantee an efficient VAT Refund process and as much VAT refunded as possible as fast as possible. We have a dedicated team who keeps us updated about the latest rules and regulations. Therefore, we can offer our partners and customers the newest information and fast implementation.

Our success originates from our professional employees. We are a company where quality and service is our foundation. It is important for us to communicate in the customers’ own language and therefore we speak 24 languages.

FDE has always given priority to cooperation with strategic partners such as euroShell and other large motorway companies in Europe. Therefore, long lasting partnerships are one of our criteria for success.

Our History

The history of the ITD Group started on 19 June 1948 when FDE opened its first office in a backyard in Copenhagen. FDE was an abbreviation of ‘Foreningen af Danske Eksportvognmænd’, which in English means the ‘Association of Danish Export Hauliers’. The foundation took place due to our interest in export and a need for assisting the transport industry.

As the export industry grew, so did we and moved to Krusaa, near the Danish-German border, in order to handle the large number of trucks in the export industry who needed assistance with the necessary papers before continuing to Germany.

In 1978, the new Danish-German motorway border crossing in Froeslev west of Padborg opened. Therefore, we moved again to larger locations in order to attend to the increasing commercial activities.

As an association, FDE was busy providing the members with relevant information regarding international transportation. This also implied that FDE became forerunner within international transport and could provide its members with an electronic information system, now available online. FDE continued to develop its knowledge bank regarding environment and logistics, drivers’ hours, dangerous goods and joined several development projects.

In 1999, the activities were divided into association activities and commercial activities. FDE kept the commercial activities while the association changed its name to International Transport Danmark (Association for the Danish road transport of goods), referred to as ITD.

In 2004, FDE and ITD to our new headquarters in Padborg. Its location is strategically placed near the motorway and the Danish-German border where the majority of all truck traffic to Denmark passes every day.

In 2012 our owner, ITD, bought 80 percent of VIALTIS Sarl in France. With the purchase of VIALTIS, the ITD Group became locally represented across most of Europe.

Spring 2019, ITD bought the remaining 20 per cent of the shares in VIALTIS SARL, and ITD now owns the entire share capital.

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