Czech Republic - Reliable payment of road toll

Czech Republic

Road tolls are applicable to vehicles with a maximum permissible weight (MPW) of more than 3.5 t in the Czech Republic. The tariff depends on the number of kilometres, axles, euro norm, date and time the transport is carried out.

FDE offers to settle the road toll in the Czech Republic for you by handling the contact, registration and invoicing.
The toll is charged via an electronic device installed in the vehicle called Premid Box.

Premid box
We offer a payment card called MS card, which is to be linked to the Premid box for the payment through us.

How it works
Premid box is an electronic device and will be issued to the registration number of the truck and installed in the windscreen. The device is installed in the windscreen of the vehicle and no other additional installation is required. It calculates the rates based on number of axles, number of kilometers travelled and the euro norm of the vehicle.

The tolls are not subject to VAT.

How to get it
As soon as you have received the MS card, you can pick up the Premid box at the Premid distribution points.

When picking up the Premid Box, it is IMPORTANT that you mention that the box has to be linked to your MS card in order to have the invoicing through FDE.

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