Germany - Options for road toll payment


A kilometre-dependent road toll is applicable for trucks with a maximum permissible weight of more than 7.5 tons (MPW) in Germany. The toll is based on the Euro norm as well as the number of axles of the whole vehicle combination.

We offer two options for payment of the road toll. One for fewer trips, and an OBU (on-board unit) for frequent usage.

FDE offers to handle the road toll in Germany for you by handling the contact, registration and invoicing.

OBU - a device for frequent users

If you carry out transport on a frequent basis, we can register your company and truck at Toll Collect so you can have an OBU installed.

After you have been registered at Toll Collect you will receive the following directly from Toll Collect:
  • A "Benutzernummer"
  • A “Masterpin” 
  • A “Flottenpin” 

Now an authorized garage can install the OBU. Find an authorized garage here.

Note that: If you order your German OBU through us, we can register it as a payment method for toll in Austria.

User manual
Here you can download the user manual for the OBU

Servicepartner – authorized garage
Authorized garage

Here you can see changes to the OBU-display

Booking of German maut for fewer trips

If you don’t carry out transport to Germany on a regular basis we can book the toll (Maut) for you.
You only have to complete the booking form underneath. Our opening hours for booking are:

Monday - Thursday:  08:00 – 16:00
Friday: 08:00 – 14:30
Phone no.: +45 7430 3362

The toll can be booked 24 hours in advance and 30 minutes before start.
Please note that the toll also has to be paid on certain B-roads (Bundesstrassen) – see here

Date 8/14/2020
Customer no.
Company name
VAT no
Contact person
Phone no of the contact person
Plate no.
Country where the truck is registered
Number of axels (for the whole vehicle combination)
Euro norm
Max. permissible weight for the whole vehicle combination
Start date + hour    
Start - Ramp name/motorway no. A-roads - B-Roads
or address in Germany
Arrival - exit name/motorway no. A-roads - B-Roads
or address in Germany
Booking number are to be sent to:
SMS - mobile no.

Find your contact person here

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