Germany - Options for road toll payment


Vehicles with a max. permissible weight of 3.5 tons have to pay the road toll in Germany. The toll is based on the number of kilometers, the Euro norm as well as the number of axles of the whole vehicle combination. For cars registered after July 1, 2019, the fee also depends on the emission class.

OBU - One device for paying the road toll in Germany

FDE offers registering your company as well as your vehicles at Toll Collect.

After you have been registered at Toll Collect you will receive the following:
  • A "Benutzernummer"
  • A “Masterpin” 
  • Login details to the Toll Collect portal
  • Confirmation of vehicles registeret by FDE

Now an authorized garage can install the OBU. Find an authorized garage here.

User manual
Here you can download the user manual for the OBU

Servicepartner – authorized garage
Authorized garage

Telepass SAT – one unit for toll payment in 18 countries

With FDE’s electronic payment solution, everything becomes easier for you. With Telepass SAT, everything is combined into one unit, so you can pay road and bridge fees electronically in many European countries without needing multiple units for the different countries you drive in.

With a Telepass SAT unit in the vehicle you can pass through and travel freely in most of Europe without having to stop at payment transitions.

The unit is easy to install, requires no extensive technical knowledge, and is quickly activated.

FDE’s Telepass SAT is particularly useful for you who operate in multiple countries, as it reduces the complexity of managing different toll systems and payment methods and saves you a lot of administration. The fees are calculated automatically, and we invoice you every 14 days.

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