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The Netherlands

Heavy goods vehicles with a gross weight of minimum 12 tons have to use the Eurovignette when driving in the Netherlands. For trucks registered in the Eurovignet countries tthe Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden, the toll is paid when registering the trucks.

Eurovignette – the easy way to pay
The Eurovignette is used in the countries the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden. If you drive through several countries where you must use the Eurovignette, you only need one valid Eurovignette.
The period of charge starts at 24.00 and the Eurovignette is stored electronically.

Some drivers have met requests concerning proof of payment. Therefore, we have prepared a text in Dutch, French and English which the drivers can show on request.

How to get it
For bookings, please complete the order form below. You will receive a confirmation as soon as the Eurovignette is valid.

Bookings of the Eurovignette can be done during the following hours:
Monday - Thursday:   08:00 - 16:00 
 Friday: 08:00 - 14:30
 Phone: +45 7430 3300 

Order for Eurovignette

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