All vehicles have to pay toll in Norway. We offer you the BroBizz device as a payment method in Norway. The device can also be used on the Crownprinsess Mary’s bridge, the Oresund Bridge as well as the Great Belt Bridge.

How it works
While using our BroBizz device you receive a rebate which is automatically deducted on your invoice.

If you pay the toll in Norway with a BroBizz via the EasyGo cooperation you already receive a rebate. If you carry out transport to Norway on a frequent basis, we can offer you to sign up for an additional agreement, which grants you up to 50% rebate.

Trucks with a maximum permissible weight over 3500 kg must have the BroBizz issued to the registration number of the truck as well as to the country where the truck is registered.

The rebates
The rebates from the different toll operators can be seen under 'See the individual discount rates here' to the right.
The column “Discount today” is the standard rebate in the EasyGo cooperation and column “Discount with the Annex Agreement' is the rebate we can offer you if you sign up for our agreement.

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