Belgium - Easy road toll payment


The road toll in Belgium is applicable for vehicles with a maximum permissible weight (MPW) of more than 3.5 t.
FDE offers to handle the road toll in Belgium for you by handling the contact, registration and invoicing.

As of 01.04.16 the road toll in Belgium must be paid via a device accepted by the provider Satellic. Belgium is divided into 3 regions; Flanders and Brussels where no VAT is charged on road toll, and Wallonia that charges VAT. The device will calculate the amounts to be paid in each region based on a satellite connection.

How it works
The device will be issued to the registration number of the vehicle and installed in the windscreen of the vehicle and connected to the lighter socket. It has to be turned on whenever you are driving in Belgium.

The Liefkenshoektunnel is not included in the device for Belgium.

Telepass SAT - Onde device for several countries

If you drive in several countries we can also offer you a Telepass SAT device.

Here you can read more about the Telepass SAT device

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