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All vehicles have to pay road toll in Italy. We offer solutions for trucks.

We offer Viacard, Telepass and TEU for payment of the Italian road toll and Telepass Premium Truck Card for rebates on diesel.

Payment of rebate concerning 2021
The rebate has now been paid by the Italian authorities for applications made in the FDE Consortium for the year 2021. The amounts have been paid to the customers bank account if we have the information. Otherwise the amounts will be paid by cheque.


In addition to the Viacard you can rent a Telepass device, which is an electronic device that has to be installed in the windscreen of your vehicle. It is suitable for frequent users of the Italian road network. You can obtain discount when using Telepass. Read more under ‘Discount in Italy’.

How it works
With a Telepass device you do not have to stop at the toll booths. You can continue through the Telepass lanes where the toll is registered electronically.

Telepass devices can only be ordered if you have a Viacard account. You will have to use your Viacard if there are no Telepass lanes at the toll booth. You can only order one Telepass device per Viacard.

Telepass Premium Truck

In addition to your Telepass, FDE offers a Premium Truck Card. With this card you can achieve an extra discount on the monthly motorway toll invoice for refuelling, made at Shell or Tamoil on the Italian motorway. With the Telepass Premium Truck Card you can get free assistance on the motorway in case of a breakdown as well as 20% discount in motorway restaurants.

The card is for trucks weighing over 3500 kg.

Please read the guide for Telepass Premium Truck here.


This device can be used as payment method in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium and on A4 between Krakow and Katowice in Poland. More countries will be added continuously.

The standard setup of the device includes France, the Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium and A4 in Poland. Other countries can be added.

How it works
The device will be issued among other to the registration number of the vehicle etc. and placed in the windscreen. With the TEU device you can continue without having to stop at the toll booths, because the toll is registered automatically which gives you a smooth and fast passage.

You do not need a Viacard account to order a TEU device.

Discount scheme
It is possible to achieve discount in Italy, France and Spain on specific conditions. The discount depends on the route of motorway you use (not applicable in Italy), your number of journeys per month and the distance covered.

Discount in Italy

FDE has created a consortium in Italy that is among the 3 biggest consortiums in the country. Membership is only for EU-companies with a valid EU-licence. As a member, you can get a share in an annual rebate set by the Italian Transport Ministry. The rebate is calculated on basis of the euro norm of the vehicle and may be up to 13%. Due to its size, FDE Consortium is guaranteed the maximum rebate that the Italian Transport Ministry sets.

See the newest rebate rates here.

On FDEplus you will be able to see your motorway transactions 60 days back.

Brebemi Rebate

With a Telepass device it is possible to activate a new rebate which grants a 20% rebate on the transactions made on motorways A35 (BREBEMI) and A58 (new outer ring road of Milan).

Once activated, the rebate option is applied on all transactions done with Telepass and done on A35 and A58 independently from the entrance and exit gates. Contact us for further information.


Viacard since 01.02.2021 no longer valid as payment method in Italy.

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