France - Road toll payment for trucks and coaches


All vehicles have to pay road toll in France. FDE offers solutions for trucks and coaches.

FDE offers to settle the road toll in France for you by handling the contact, registration and invoicing.

We can offer two different electronic devices depending on what your requirements are. Read more below.


This device can be used as payment method in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, the Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium and on A4 between Krakow and Katowice in Poland. More countries will be added continuously.

The standard setup of the device includes France, the Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium and A4 in Poland. Other countries can be added.

How it works
The device will be issued among other to the registration number of the vehicle etc. and placed in the windscreen. With the TEU device you can continue without having to stop at the toll booths, because the toll is registered automatically which gives you a smooth and fast passage.

Discount scheme
It is possible to achieve discount in France, Spain and Italy on specific conditions. The discount depends on the route of motorway you use (not applicable in Italy), your number of journeys per month and the distance covered.

Telepass SAT - Onde device for several countries

If you drive in several countries we can also offer you a Telepass SAT device.

Here you can read more about the Telepass SAT device

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