Standard VAT Refund - Efficient VAT Refund

Standard VAT Refund

VAT registered companies can get the VAT back from foreign countries. We arrange quick refund of your VAT into your account – where it belongs. Our language skills are an advantage, when getting your VAT back. We speak and write 21 languages.

Standard VAT Refund means that we pay the refunded amount to you after we have received it from the VAT authorities.

The advantages of VAT refund are many:
• You get least possible administration
• You improve your liquidity due to quick refund
• You get your VAT back from the countries, where possible
• You get VAT refund at very competitive fees
• You get your own regular contact person who knows you and your business

Service and quality are important parameters for us and we do our very best to ensure a smooth refund process.

VAT Refund: Net-Invoicing and Prepayment
If your company is a road haulage company or a coach operator, you have the possibility to receive Net Invoicing or Prepayment of your VAT before we receive the VAT amounts from the VAT authorities.

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